Hello, World!

I'm PullJosh, a middle school coder who happens to have his very own blog! I'm doing all sorts of fun things, so feel free to check a few of them out below. I always love to get comments on my blog, so please post something there, even if it's just to say hello!

Scratch Projects

I've got a ton of awesome Scratch projects, so you should definitely check some of them out! I have a wide variety, so no matter what you like, you'll feel right at home. :)

Mega Scratch Userscript

The Mega Scratch Userscript is a project by myself and a group of scratchers that adds many new customizable features to the Scratch Website!

Chrome Extensions

I'm beginning to branch out from just scratch projects and websites... now I'm making Chrome Extensions! :D

My Blog

Did you know I have a blog? Sure you did! I just said so up above! But this box is a link, because I know you are just dying to leave a comment. ;)

Suggested Reading

There are a ton of good books out there, and I've picked a few of my favorites! Be sure to leave a comment if you read any of them.

About Me

If you haven't already stalked me on the interwebs (see next box), then you'll need to read this about me page to get up to speed.

Me On The Web

I can be found all over the internet! Here you'll find all my profiles on the web.